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152 Journaling Prompts For Heartbreak To Heal And Strengthen

Heartbreak prompts

We’ve all been there. We have all experienced heartbreak and it can be so incredibly painful. Journaling prompts for heartbreak provide a therapeutic outlet for processing emotions and rebuilding inner strength.

My first real heartbreak was in first year university when I was head-over-heels for a guy who had strawberry blond hair.

When I saw him walk into the cafeteria with another girl next to him, it was like a knife to my chest.

That was a long time ago, and there were some other heartbreaks along the way, but despite the immense pain, I was still open to trying to find that special someone.

Our heart mends and we go on to love again.

Love and heartbreak are the basis for a good deal of our books and movies. And they always make us cry.

That’s because we can connect with them, with that hurt and pain. With a book or a movie you can simply close it, turn it off.

But in real life it’s not so easy. I recognize how hard it is to endure heartbreak, and in this article you will find 152 journal prompts to help you work your way through the pain.

Journaling is a great way to do this.

It allows you to express your feelings and thoughts in complete privacy without the worry that someone will make fun of you or ridicule your feelings.

Come with me as I share journaling prompts to help you heal and move on to a fulfilling life, single or otherwise.

33 Journal Prompts For You About Heartbreak

As much as we have all been through it, somehow when you are going through a break-up you feel terribly alone.

You can talk to your bestie but you are still left with your feelings. In the end, you have to work through it yourself, and that’s where journaling can help.

When my daughter’s heart was broken, she found journaling very helpful. It didn’t take the tears away, but expressing her feelings through the written word helped her.

Naming our feelings and reflecting on the relationship, both the highs and lows, is cathartic. It’s a necessary part of the healing process.

When we are using a journal for this purpose we have no boundaries on what we write and express. This is good for our soul, and we begin to mend.

Relationships are complicated and often messy. You have two people with their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes, their own way of dealing with their emotions.

Because of this complexity, when two people come together it is seldom if ever completely smooth sailing.

The journal prompts in this list recognize this and help you to wrestle with some of the negatives from the relationship.

When a relationship ends we often focus on the loss of all of the good things, and mourn the end of these moments and good times shared, but the fact is, there were likely negative aspects to the relationship.

These two prompts are examples of this. They encourage you to take off the blinders and see the relationship for what it really was - both the good and the bad.

Looking back, what did you dislike about your relationship?

What do you not miss about being in a relationship?

Explore the rest of the prompts in this list and respond to what resonates with you.

1. “Look at these two pictures: One shows the person you once loved; the other shows another person that you no longer love Which picture looks more like you today? Why?”

2. “Looking back, what did you dislike about your relationship?”

3. “In what ways has your perspective on money evolved since your last breakup? Please explain”

4. “Write about a situation when you have given up something truly valuable”

5. “What do you not miss about being in a relationship?”

6. “Tell yourself a story about why you should move on”

7. “What lessons have you learned during the breakup process?”

8. “What kinds of experiences make you happy?”

9. “What do you believe was the most important lesson you learned during your previous relationship?”

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10. “Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Explain”

11. “Have you ever felt insecure in your relationship with your partner in the past? What was it about? Was this feeling based on reality or your imagination? What can you do to improve any insecurity issues now?”

12. “What were some of the more negative behavior patterns in your relationship?”

13. “What does breaking up mean for you personally? How has it affected your life?”

14. “What are some strategies you use to avoid getting involved with new people?”

15. “If possible, write about two moments in your life when you felt lonely.”

16. “What does the word "heartbreak" mean to you?”

17. “What do you think is the purpose behind dating?”

18. “Who do you see yourself marrying someday? Why? How old do you think you will be by then?”

19. “Write one thing that you can do when you are trying to get over your ex”

20. “What was the worst part about your breakup?”

21. “What's something you can do today that will help you bounce back stronger?”

22. “What happens when you break up?”

Journal Prompts For You About Heartbreak

23. “What steps are you taking to create a fresh start?”

24. “What are you struggling to understand right now?”

25. “How do you hope to move forward from here?”

26. “Write a thank you note to your ex”

27. “What's something you've always wanted to do, but didn't because of your relationship?”

28. “What do you think makes a relationship work well?”

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29. “If you could go back in time, what would you do to improve your relationship?”

30. “What red flags in your relationship did you ignore?”

31. “Are you willing to let go of those feelings in order to move on? Explain”

32. “What do you believe makes people successful in life?”

33. “What does it take to forgive someone?”

34 Journal Prompts To Keep Yourself Happy

When a relationship ends we usually feel really crappy. That’s to be expected, but wallowing in that sadness and sorrow is not healthy.

We need to allow ourselves time to grieve over the loss of a relationship, but then we need to move on.

Even if you are the person who has initiated the break-up, you will likely experience some sense of loss. After all, you spent a lot of time with the other person, and your life included them in a lot of ways.

You will feel the absence of that person in your life, and it can be really hard trying to create a new way forward, but that’s exactly what you need to do, and will do!

So, how do we go from feeling lonely, sad, and lost to happy?

The prompts here help with exactly that!

You need to shift from pining over the end of the relationship to recognizing the negatives and seeing the happiness that is out there for you.

This prompt is super powerful. It encourages us to take a look at what we were like when we were in the relationship without candy-coating it.

In what ways were you a worse person around your ex?

Many relationships do not bring out the best in us, but that is exactly what a healthy relationship should do - help us to be our best selves, encourage us, and support our dreams.

When we recognize that maybe we weren’t our best self when we were with this person, we start to shift our thinking to moving forward in a happier way without that individual.

Check out the full list of prompts to get you feeling happy!

34. “Tell yourself a story about why you should move on.”

35. “Imagine a world without jealousy Is this possible?”

36. “Where would you go if you won a million dollars?”

37. “What's one quality you have that makes you a great partner?”

38. “What's something you know now that you didn't know before?”

39. “What do you want in a future partner that you didn't have in your past partner?”

40. “Do you truly believe you and your ex were compatible, or were you always trying to make it work?”

41. “Describe an incident where you demonstrated great faith toward another person”

42. “When was the last time you cried, and why?”

Journal Prompts To Keep Yourself Happy

43. “Has there always been a person in your life whom you wanted with you forever? Explain If so, describe him/her”

44. “Would you ever want to get back together with your former partner? Why/why not?”

45. “Write about a time when you saw a sign or hear a song that reminded you of your ex”

46. “Are you afraid of being alone?”

47. “How do you feel right now, in this moment?”

48. “What emotional support do you currently have to help you through your breakup?”

49. “Why did you and your ex break up?”

50. “In what ways has the course of your life changed after your last major breakup?”

51. “Write about a bad decision you made in the past”

52. “Describe your first love”

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53. “In what ways were you a better person around your ex?”

54. “Describe a moment when you believed in yourself

55. “When did you first realize your relationship was on the rocks?”

56. “Describe the best advice you have received regarding your current relationship”

57. “Describe how your relationship with your parents affects your decisions today”

58. “In what ways are you stronger or more evolved since the ending of your relationship?”

59. “Has anyone ever broken your trust?”

60. “In what ways were you a worse person around your ex?”

61. “Did anyone say anything out loud that made you feel better? Who was it?”

62. “Have you ever felt like your heart belonged to someone else?”

63. “Can you imagine being able to help others through tough times, just as they helped you?”

64. “Looking back, what have you learned about yourself and your relationship in general?”

65. “When was the last time you experienced real happiness?”

Journal Prompts To Keep Yourself Happy

66. “What is the one thing that will be hardest for you to accept about your ex?”

67. “Write about your ideal day by yourself.”

48 Journal Prompts To Be Positive

There are no two ways about it, when you go through a break up with someone you feel heartbroken.

If you’re the person who is on the receiving end of the break up it can do a major number on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

We ask ourselves what is wrong with us? Why didn’t that person love me?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking negatively and being down on ourselves.

To turn this around and avoid falling into that pit of self-pity and sorrow we need to turn our focus to thinking about the positives of who we are.

What are our strengths and skills? What do we like about ourselves? What do others like about us?

Where are we at right now, today, with our career goals, or travel goals, or self-care and wellness goals?

Often when we are in a relationship, we let go of what we wanted and alter those things to work with the goals of our partner.

We can lose sight of who we are and what we want. This is the time to take that back and go for it!

Let these journal prompts help you to devise a new plan and set you on a path to positivity and achievement!

68. “What did you learn about yourself during this relationship?”

69. “What do you wish your ex knew about you?”

70. “What is your most painful memory from the past?”

71. “Do you feel frustration over how long it takes to heal?”

72. “Did you have time to prepare for the end of your relationship, or did it end suddenly?”

73. “What are your goals for the next week, month, and year of your life?”

74. “What are some of the ways you contributed to problems in your relationship?”

75. “How would you rate your current level of sadness?”

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76. “What regrets do you have about your relationship or the way it ended?”

77. “What has your healing journey looked like thus far?”

78. “If you and your ex got back together, what do you imagine it would be like?”

79. “What were some of the root causes of why your relationship didn't work?”

80. “What does your ideal morning look like?”

Journaling Prompts For Heartbreak

81. “If you could say one thing to your ex right now, what would it be?”

82. “What kind of romantic relationship do you expect to have in the future?”

83 “Describe your ideal marriage situation Do you believe these things are necessary for happiness?”

84. “How often do you worry about your future?”

85. “Are you good or bad at compartmentalizing feelings?”

86. “How are your friends supporting you through this breakup?”

87. “Do you feel anger about your relationship? Why or why not?”

88. “Write about a person who taught you a lot about love”

89. “What's bothering you right now, and why?”

90. “What three qualities do you look for in a potential mate?”

91. “What is the biggest thing in your life bringing you joy right now?”

92. “What do you believe is the most important quality required to build strong relationships?”

93. “Make a list of all the things you miss about him/her Then make a separate list about all the things you don’t miss anymore Don’t worry about being objective Just write what feels true to your heart”

94. “What were the biggest overall problems in your relationship?”

95. “If you had to start over again right now, what would you change about yourself?”

96. “Is there a song lyric that reminds you of a special moment in your relationship? Copy it into your journal”

97. “Are you looking ahead to future dates? What are they like?”

98. “What if life keeps going on as usual after you break up with someone?”

99. “What did you learn from this relationship?”

Journaling Prompts For Heartbreak

100. “What do you need to do now in order to have closure?”

101. “Think of three people in your life who have always been trustworthy Describe each one of them”

102. “Name at least four emotions that you struggle against.”

103. “Have you ever thought that you would never find true love?”

104. “How much do you agree with the following statement? “Sometimes it takes experiencing failure to grow as a human being””

105. “What do you wish your ex knew about you?”

106. “What’s the best medicine for sadness?”

107. “How do you deal with the pain caused by love lost?”

108. “Why does everyone say that true romance comes with age? Does such a statement hold any truth in your case?”

109. “What is healthy, inter-dependent relationship mean to you?”

110. “Write about a time when you felt sad or lonely”

111. “Write one thing that you can do to make yourself feel better when you start thinking about your ex again”

112. “What’s one way you hope to move forward from here?”

113. “What have you gained from breaking up?”

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114. “If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?”

115. “You know you have to let go of your ex, but how do you feel about it? Why?”

37 Journal Prompts For Why You Need To Move On

It’s time to get in touch with who you are and what you want.

What makes you tick? What is important to you? What do you get a charge out of?

Take some time to reflect on what you learned from the relationship you were in.

What did you learn about the kind of partner you need? What did you learn about yourself?

Sometimes we need to think about deep things like what our deepest fear is.

Once you have done some exploring of your past relationship, turn your focus to what you want and need.

Has your opinion on love changed since becoming single? Is there something you’d change about the way you look at relationships?

What kind of relationship do you believe you need going forward?

These journal prompts will help you to survive and thrive.

116. “Do you still think about him/her? Why or why not?”

117. “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

118. “Take some time to write about your feelings towards your ex”

119. “List all the things you wish you hadn’t done when you were younger”

120. “When did you last cry? Why were you crying?”

121. “Tell us a secret story about a time when you were feeling really down”

122. “Write about the first thing you did after getting hurt”

123. “Did you become physically ill after this painful breakup journey? Why/why not If so, how did that affect you?”

124. “Write about the time you hurt yourself emotionally or financially because of your partner”

125. “You recently broke up with someone who you said loved you Did your actions convince them or break their hearts? Why?”

126. “What is your deepest fear?”

Journaling Prompts For Heartbreak

127. “Think about a time you had a very bad experience in your recent past Try writing about those events from a different point of view”

128. “What did you learn about yourself while you were together?”

129. “Write a list of everything you’ve learned so far during this break-up process”

130. “Look back on your relationship, take three words and describe what happened between you two in those three sentences”

131. “Write about a time you gave up control over a situation in order to help someone else”

132. “Were there times during your relationship where you thought things would never work out? Describe one example”

133. “Do you want to keep your ex around forever? Why or why not?”

134. “Write about your best date ever”

135. “Name five things you're grateful for”

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136. “Share five things you think you will have in common with your future partner”

137. “What is the hardest part about ending a long-term relationship?”

138. “When was the last time you cried? Why?”

139. “Do you regret any aspect of your relationship with your partner? Why/Why not?”

140. “Has your opinion on love changed since becoming single? Is there something you’d change about the way you look at relationships?”

141. “If you could tell your former partner one thing before he/she left you for good, what would it be and why?”

142. “Write about an activity you enjoy doing with friends or family members”

Journaling Prompts For Heartbreak

143. “Write about a mistake you made in your relationship with your ex”

144. “Do you think your ex will try to contact you if you stay away from him/her? Why/why not?”

145. “Imagine you just broke up with someone Would your life be different without him/her?”

146. “What has been the hardest thing to deal with since losing your partner?”

147. “What kind of relationship do you believe you need going forward?”

148. “In the past year, who has given you the best advice about love? Why?”

149. “What do you think the secret is behind finding real love?”

150. What kind of relationship do you believe you need going forward?

151. In the past year, who has given you the best advice about love? Why?

152. What do you think the secret is behind finding real love?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Journaling Prompts Help In Healing From Heartbreak?

Journaling prompts offer a structured way to process emotions, gain insights, and gradually heal and strengthen after heartbreak.

Can These Prompts Suit Different Stages Of Healing?

Yes, these prompts are designed to address various stages of healing, helping individuals navigate different emotions and experiences during the recovery process.

How Often Should I Use These Prompts To Experience Healing?

The frequency depends on individual needs. Regular journaling, even a few times a week, can aid healing by providing consistent self-reflection and emotional release.

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