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138 Marvelous Travel Journal Prompts To Beautifully Record Your Adventures

138 Marvelous Travel Journal Prompts To Beautifully Record Your Adventures

Are you a traveler? Do you love the excitement of visiting a new place and experiencing a different culture?

If you do, then you can count yourself among the millions of others around the world who travel.

Travel within your own country or internationally opens your eyes to the beauty of other parts of our world.

It also increases our understanding of other people’s ways of life. This experience can develop greater sensitivity to others and an appreciation of the differences that make people unique.

Traveling can be a feast for the eyes. Everywhere on this earth, there are amazing vistas, incredible architecture, and stunning examples of fine art.

One of the greatest joys of traveling is sampling different foods! Every culture has special culinary dishes to delight your taste buds!

For adventure seekers and those who love to be in nature, choices abound. Grab your tent and your sleeping bag and head to any number of gorgeous parks and campgrounds.

Wherever you go, you will want to record your experiences. Journaling is the perfect way to do that!

Come with me as I explore travel journal prompts and get started on planning your next trip!

Adventurous Travel Journal Prompts

I am fortunate to live in a country where natural beauty abounds. A recent trip to the west coast revealed truly majestic and awe-inspiring beauty.

My daughter, whom I was visiting, took me on a hike through a park full of massive pines and spruce trees.

She led me down the side of a cliff, which was a bit tricky for me (I’m not as young as I used to be), but when we arrived at the base of the cliff, there was the most gorgeous reward for the hard work.

Beautiful, clear water fell over rocks, and we were surrounded by the rugged beauty of the cliffs, with trees providing their majestic beauty.

I could go on at length about the other incredible scenery we saw as we drove across the country, but suffice it to say it was mind-blowing and certainly something I’ll never forget.

I treasure my travel journal from that trip. It contains all of the marvelous scenery and special moments I shared with my daughter.

Check out the list of travel journal prompts below to help you record your adventures!

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21 Adventurous Travel Journal Prompts

1. "Exploring ________ revealed wonders all around us."

2. "Standing beneath that massive, powerful waterfall was thrilling."

3. "Spending time out on the water was a highlight of the journey."

4. "If I could go back to only one destination, I think it would be ________."

5. "The panorama had a mystical quality."

6. "Suddenly, for the first time, I beheld a ________ in the wild."

7. "The people of ________ were so welcoming and charming. "

8. "For unforgettable music, food, and atmosphere, ________ is the perfect spot."

9. "The pictures of it can't portray the immensity of ________."

10. "Being in ________ was very different than I expected. "

11. "the desert stretched as far as the eye could see."

12. "There's nothing really quite like gazing out over the ocean."

13. "The wildest public party scene I've ever seen was definitely in ________ (city)."

14. "Seeing such deep poverty juxtaposed to such conspicuous wealth shocked the senses."

15. "________ is one of those areas where finding edible food becomes a major focus."

16. "Crossing the border at ________ is its own adventure."

17. "The whole area of ________ (region) was teeming with wildlife."

18. "The customs of social interaction in ________ (city) required me to ________."

19. "Hiking in the ________ mountains was an especially satisfying challenge."

20. "There was so much to see, it was hard to decide where to start."

21. "It was surreal staring into the gaping mouth of the cave."

"It was surreal staring into the gaping mouth of the cave."-Travel Journal Prompts

Dream Vacation Journal Prompts

A dream vacation can look different for different people.

For some, their dream vacation might be to relax and unwind at a gorgeous spa. For others, it may be mountain climbing or skydiving.

For yet others, a dream vacation might be exploring ancient ruins and visiting art galleries.

And the dream vacation of some may be all about the food!

Your idea of a dream vacation could very well look different at different stages of your life.

When we’re younger, we often want more adventure or places with exciting nightlife. As we age, we might be more interested in food or architecture.

Whatever your dream vacation is, you will want to record it. Journaling about a fabulous vacation you went on will keep those memories alive forever.

Journaling can also be helpful in planning your next trip.

Get inspired with the dream vacation journal prompts in this list. Then make your dream a reality!

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18 Dream Vacation Journal Prompts

22. "After being away and coming home again what 5 things are you grateful for?"

23. "Have you started to think about your next trip? Where are you going and who with?"

24. "What souvenirs did you bring back? Why did you choose those particular ones?"

25. "Write about the people you met on your trip. Describe them in detail. What did they look like? How did they sound? Did you get on well with them? What did you talk about?"

26. "How did you feel when you got back home? Were you sad to leave your vacation spot? What was the best thing about being back home?"

27. "Would you recommend the trip to anyone else who was interested in going? Would you give them any advice? What would you tell them?"

28. "Who did you travel with? Describe them. Why did you decide to go travelling with them? Did they enjoy the same things as you? Did you get on well or were there any problems?"

29. "How did you feel waking up in unfamiliar surroundings? Did you feel comfortable there? Did you get homesick while you were away? What is the one thing you missed the most? Was the vacation too long, short, or just the right length?"

30. "What stories do you have from your travels? Did something funny happen? Did anything go wrong? Write them all in your journal."

31. "Did your travelling companion keep their own travel journal? Ask them for their views? How did they feel during the trip? What were the high and low points for them?"

32. "What did you learn on your travels? Write about the places and activities you found the most interesting."

33. "What places did you visit? Write a list and describe each one. Which one was your favourite. Include any photographs or sketches you have."

34. "Did the trip live up to your expectations? Was there anything better than you expected it to be? Is there anything you wouldn’t do if you had the time over?"

35. "Write down all of your favourites from the trip. Favourite day, night, activity, place, music, and food."

36. "Did you do everything that you wanted to do? If you had been given the chance to stay an extra week what would you have said? What would you have done with the extra time?"

37. "Was your destination expensive? Did you spend too much? Did you stick to a budget? If so, was it easy to stick to?"

38. "Did everything go according to plan? Did it give you the confidence to plan more trips? Did anything go wrong? How did you fix it?"

39. "How did you benefit from your time away? Do you think the trip has changed you in anyway?"

"How did you benefit from your time away? Do you think the trip has changed you in anyway?"

Descriptive Travel Journal Prompts For The Whole Journey

When we travel, we have the desire to record it all, every wonderful moment, but often, we are too tired to put pen to paper or get our fingers on a keypad.

The descriptive travel journal prompts in this list will help motivate you. Simply choose a prompt that speaks to you, and you’ll get the kick-start you need to get writing.

When I travel, I keep these prompts close by. I find them really helpful when I have a few minutes here and there to jot down what I’ve been doing and my reactions.

Make it part of your journey!

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44 Descriptive Travel Journal Prompts For The Whole Journey

40. "How has travel changed your life?"

41. "What is one event around the world you would love to attend? Why?"

42. "If you were a tourist in your own city for a day, what would you do?"

43. "If you could go on a trip with anyone, dead or alive, who would you go with and where?"

44. "Share a time when you got lost while traveling."

45. "What fear have you overcome while traveling?"

46. "Write a review of the best hotel, hostel, or Airbnb you’ve ever stayed in."

47. "Write about a hike or outdoor experience you enjoyed – using all five senses."

48. "Remember a time when you met people while traveling that felt like family. "

49. "Have you gotten out of any sticky situations on the road? Tell us! "

50. "If you could change anything about any of your trips, what would it be and why? "

51. "What languages do you speak?"

52. "What countries and places around the world fascinate you?"

53. "What is your next adventure? "

54. "Have you fallen in love while traveling? Talk about how you met and how your love progressed. "

55. "What is something new you want to try at this destination?"

56. "What souvenir do you want to bring home? And for whom?"

57. "What do you want to learn on this adventure?"

58. "What have you researched about this destination already?"

59. "Is this a solo trip or are you traveling with friends or family?"

60. "Are you hoping to relax or go on adventures on this trip?"

"Are you hoping to relax or go on adventures on this trip?"-Travel Journal Prompts

61. "What do you know about this destination?"

62. "Give yourself a piece of advice before you leave on the trip."

63. "What did you experience today that you enjoyed? Even the small things?"

64. "What was the worst thing that happened today?"

65. "Did anything make you smile, laugh, or cry?"

66. "Did you try something new?"

67. "What has been a total surprise about this destination?"

68. "What are the cultural differences between your culture and theirs?"

69. "Which traditions would you like to adopt?"

70. "Describe how people dress for work and play."

71. "What meal can you eat again and again?"

72. "How do the people here spend their time on the weekends?"

73. "What emotions have you felt during this trip?"

74. "Are there any current events at your destination that are affecting you?"

75. "How did an experience, person or place make you feel today?"

76. "Have you met any locals? Describe them."

77. "Did you learn any new words or phrases today? How did you learn them?"

78. "What is one thing you wish you would’ve done?"

79. "Recall something funny that happened on this trip."

80. "Were there any trip disasters?"

81. "What’s one piece of advice you would give someone else going on this trip? "

82. "How did you feel when you arrived home?"

83. "Describe your favorite day or evening on this trip."

"Describe your favorite day or evening on this trip."

Inspiring Journal Prompts

Are you wanting to journal about your travel experiences but have no idea where to start? Get inspired with this list of prompts.

These are great prompts for reflecting on your trip and can be used for planning your next trip as well.

For example, taking the time to think about the impact your trip has had on you can be impactful in itself, but you can also use those reflections to think about where you want to go next.

How has your trip changed or shaped you?

Traveling teaches us about other cultures, but it also teaches us a lot about ourselves. Things don’t always go smoothly, and we can learn about our strengths through these situations.

This prompt encourages us to think about that:

What is your greatest travel mishap or travel disaster story, and how did it end up okay in the long run?

Check out the rest of the prompts in this list and get inspired!

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18 Inspiring Journal Prompts

84. "How has your trip changed or shaped you?"

85. "How did you feel when you arrived at your destination?"

86. "Who do you think about the most while traveling and why?"

87. "What is one thing that surprised you during your trip?"

88. "If budget wasn’t an issue, where would you travel to next and why?"

89. "How did your travel make a positive impact on the world around you?"

90. "Describe one of your most memorable travel experiences using five senses."

91. "Remember a trip when you really bonded with someone you met while traveling. Describe your shared experiences."

92. "Share your favorite meal while traveling. Where was it? Who were you with?"

93. "What is your travel dream destination and why?"

94. "Share a travel photo that best describes the experience of traveling abroad for you."

95. "What is a fear or travel phobia you have?"

96. "What is your greatest travel mishap or travel disaster story, and how did it end up okay in the long run?"

97. "Share a travel quote that inspires you to travel more, even after a bad experience abroad."

98. "What was your worst accommodation and why?"

99. "When did travel become something that mattered deeply to you, and how has it impacted your life since then?"

100. "Travel makes me feel _____________."

101. "What cultural experience did you have today?"

"What cultural experience did you have today?"-Travel Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts For Creativity

Traveling to new places and experiencing a new culture can provide incredible material for creativity.

Traveling is a feast for the senses. We see, touch, hear, smell, and taste things that are new to us. We feel so alive!

Expressing our sensory response to a new experience in a creative manner is natural and can be very fulfilling and gratifying.

Read through the following list of journal prompts for creativity, and engage in writing, drawing, or other ways of creating as a means of capturing your travel experiences!

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19 Journal Prompts For Creativity

102. "Why are you traveling? What are your expectations?"

103. "Describe the scene around you right now through senses, smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound."

104. "Sketch a local landmark or scene."

105. "How did you feel waking up in a new place?"

106. "Write about three unique observations you noticed today?"

107. "What made you choose this destination?"

108. "What’s something new you learned today?"

109. "What are you missing about home?"

110. "What will you miss when you return home?"

111. "Reflection throughout the experience can help you grow and find insights. Try these travel journal prompts and look back on your past entries to see what conclusions you can draw and how you can use those experiences for the future."

112. "How did you feel coming home?"

113. "What’s a problem that happened during your trip? Brainstorm solutions for your next trip or how you can help others overcome them."

114. "What is the biggest lesson that travel has taught you?"

115. "What is something you regret not doing or trying?"

116. "What are you most grateful for about this trip?"

117. "What is your favorite memory of the entire trip?"

118. "What new experiences made you feel most outside of your comfort zone?"

119. "What were some low points of your trip and what did you learn from them?"

120. "Where do you want to go next? Why?"

"Where do you want to go next? Why?"

Journal Prompts To Preserve Your Travel Memories

These journal prompts are little gems that will help you keep your memories of that amazing trip to return to again and again and to share with others if you wish.

What impressed you most about your trip? Did you love the food? Was there a work of art or a building that really moved you?

Did you meet people who will have a lasting impact on your life?

The moments, the people, the food, and all the other aspects of your trip that made it so amazing should be preserved.

Look through these prompts, and you are sure to find what you need to keep the memories alive forever.

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18 Preserve Memories With Travel Journal Prompts

121. "What has been a total surprise?"

122. "Have any of your perceptions or opinions changed?"

123. "What one amazing thing did you learn today?"

124. "Where do people go in the evening?"

125. "Sketch a moment you want to remember."

126. "Have you tried the local brew or wine or cocktail?"

127. "What are the teenagers like?"

128. "Tell what children do, with and without their parents."

129. "Describe an everyday activity you observed: Kids going to school, traffic, etc."

130. "Food: What was good, what was not, what will you make at home?"

131. "Draw a local landmark or scene."

132. "Close your eyes and describe the smells and sounds."

133. "Did anything make you smile or laugh today?"

134. "How do couples–courting or married–act?"

135. "What do the men do during the day?"

136. "Describe the scene around you right now."

137. "What emotions have you felt during this trip?"

138. "How are the vendors at the market?"

"How are the vendors at the market?"-Travel Journal Prompts

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Writer To Use Travel Journal Prompts?

No, you don't need to be an experienced writer to use travel journal prompts. These prompts are designed for travelers of all writing levels, from beginners to seasoned writers. They are meant to enhance your personal travel journaling experience.

How Often Should I Use Travel Journal Prompts During My Travels?

The frequency of using travel journal prompts is entirely up to you. You can use them daily, periodically, or whenever you feel inspired to document your experiences. There are no strict rules; it's about what works best for you.

Can I Use Travel Journal Prompts In A Digital Format, Or Are They Meant For Physical Journals?

Travel journal prompts can be used in both physical and digital formats. You can write them in a physical journal, a note-taking app, a blog, or any other medium that suits your preferences and travel style.

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